The place to learn...

The best place in Bellevue to learn how to dance Ballroom, Pacific Dance Center provides you with everything you want and need.

You Get Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are professional teachers with hundreds of hours of training.  They have the ability, dedication, and compassion to make you the kind of dancer you want to be.

You Get Choices

You want lessons when they’re convenient for you.  We will set your private lessons to fit your schedule.  Our technique sessions and practice sessions are offered on a variety of days and times so you can find a lesson that fits your schedule.

You Get Flexibility

Pacific Dance Center will customize your dance courses to meet your needs.  PDC is not affiliated with any chain dance studios, so we have the flexibility to offer and combination of dances that you want.

You Get a Studio with a Track Record

Pacific Dance Center has been teaching students in the Seattle area since 1992, and our director has taught dance and trained professional dancers for over 40 years.

If you are looking for Ballroom Dance Lessons, Pacific Dance Center is the place to be.