How we teach...

Salsa, Tango, Swing, Cha-Cha, and much more… For over 20 years, Pacific Dance Center has been teaching Social and Ballroom dancing to Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and surrounding areas using our unique 3-way system of teaching.  This entails an equal ratio of Private Lessons, Semi-Private Technique Sessions, and Practice Sessions.  We have found over our many years of experience that this is the fastest and most effective way for students to learn and retain their dancing instruction.

Private Instruction

In your Private Lessons, you will work one-on-one with an instructor who will tailor their teaching to your learning style and choice of dances.  You will build muscle memory so that you can focus on your partner, rather than your feet, and on developing confidence and variety, so that you can dance with ease to all your favorite music.  Your private instruction will help to guide the whole of your learning experience.

Technique Lessons

In your Semi-Private technique sessions you will be working with a maximum of 8 students to one instructor.  You will focus on more detailed components of specific dances, such as developing continuity, style, timing, partnership, and more.  You’ll also have the chance to practice these things with other students, developing your lead and follow abilities.  Your instructor will help you to choose a series of Semi-Private Technique Sessions appropriate for your experience level and dance interests.

Practice Sessions

In the Practice Sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays we turn the lights down and the music up, giving you a fun but safe environment to put to use, with the students and teachers of Pacific Dance Center, everything you’ve been learning in your Private and Semi-Private lessons.  It’s more than just practice for your dancing though…develop your confidence in a social dancing situation…learn to ask for a dance and accept an invitation with style and grace, make friends, enjoy yourself – Laugh, Love, Dance!